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Bicycle Road Routes  •  Mountain Biking

A pedaler's paradise awaits you in Klamath, Lake, Modoc, and Siskiyou Country, where seemingly endless sunny summer days smile over pine-covered hills and gentle mountain valleys. Escape the noisy world of telephones, TVs and automobiles as you cruise swiftly and silently through a wildlife refuge, around Crater Lake or past quiet farms and ranches.

Here you'll find a list of bicycle tour routes favored by local residents and popular with tourists. The itinerary can be as easy or as challenging as you like. Every route offers a different view of Southern Oregon or Northern California, but each offers a safe pathway for bicycles and plenty of gorgeous scenery.

Klamath, Lake, Modoc, Siskiyou Country lies at the edge of the Great Basin, where beautiful weather stretches from April through October. Temperatures rarely exceed 90 degrees even in late summer. Chances are, the weather will be picture-perfect anytime you plan your ride.

Still, weather can be a tricky factor in any mountainous terrain. A sudden thunderstorm can drop an inch or more of rain and cool the temperature by more than 10 degrees. But if you're prepared, a cloud-burst can be a marvellous spectacle to observe.

Food and lodging are available along some of the routes described in this brochure. But Klamath, Lake, Modoc and Siskiyou Country has plenty of wide open space - it may be many miles from one convenience store to the next. Take water and protective clothing with you.

Don't have a bike? Inquire at a local bike shop for rentals. In any case, don't forget to carry a camera, and remember to follow the rules of the road. Oregon and California state law requires minors to wear helmets when riding bicycles. Have a safe and pleasant ride!

Places to Go

Location Map: Klamath Falls Bicycle Routes.

1. Klamath Falls Bicycle Routes

There are numerous routes in Klamath Falls, Oregon and the surrounding area. Check at Discover Klamath for specific route mapping information. Mapping for only 'A' Canal and O.C.&E. Rails-to-Trails routes shown.
The Klamath Falls area has miles of wonderful bike routes. Choose from these points of interest: Main Street Area; Link River; Lake Ewauna; Klamath River; 'A' Canal; Moore Park; Airport; Crystal Springs Loop; and the O.C.&E. Rails to Trails. On many of these trails you can take advantage of the spectacular birding opportunities. Note the various agricultural resources grown in the area,including alfalfa hay, potatoes, sugar beets and grains to name a few.
Information: Discover Klamath, 1-800-445-6728.

2. Lake of the Woods

Location Map: Lake of the Woods.

From Klamath Falls, OR, W 33 mi. on Hwy. 140 to Great Meadow parking lot, about 1mi. before Lake-of-the-Woods turnoff, S side of road.
A 9-mile route begins in the Great Meadow Snow Parking Lot, and circles Lake of the Woods and Fish Lake. A more challenging 25-mile route follows Hwy. 140, Forest Service Rd. 37, and Dead Indian Memorial Rd. A few hills and old growth timber make the route a scenic jewel. Resorts at Fish Lake and Lake of the Woods have refreshments and food.
Information: Klamath Ranger District, 541-885-3400.

Location Map: Fort Klamath Loop and Westside Road.

3. Fort Klamath Loop and Westside Road

From Klamath Falls, OR, N 30 mi. on Hwy.97 & Hwy. 62 to Fort Klamath, OR. Can also begin from Rocky Point for Westside Road Route.
Idyllic pastoral scenery and gentle terrain lie at the foot of Crater Lake National Park. Raptors are seen throughout the year in the valley. Wildflowers and songbirds are abundant in spring. A 10-mile loop follows Weed Rd., Sevenmile Rd., Hackler Rd. and Nicholson Rd. For a longer ride, take the Westside Rd., to see stunning views of Klamath Lake and marshes.
Information: Klamath Ranger District,541-885-3400.

Location Map: Clover Creek Road.

4. Clover Creek Road

From Klamath Falls, OR, W 9 mi. to Keno, OR.
From intersection of Clover Creek Rd. and Dead Indian Memorial Rd., take this newly paved 22-mile route that offers sweeping views of the southern Oregon Cascades. Downhill almost all the way to Keno if you begin at the Dead Indian Memorial Road intersection.
Information: Klamath Ranger District, 541-885-3400.

Location Map: Modoc Refuge, Dry Creek Basin, Ft. Bidwell/Eagleville.

5. Modoc Refuge, Dry Creek Basin, Ft. Bidwell/Eagleville

Start in Alturas, CA.
We have included a map for the Modoc National Wildlife Refuge and Dry Creek Basin routes. Tour the wide open spaces of Modoc County, CA. Get a really close look at the High Desert Outback.
Modoc Wildlife Refuge - This is a 12-mile route suitable for beginners, which starts in Alturas, CA. Follow County Rd. 56, Rd. 115, Rd. 59, and Rd. 57, go back to Rd. 56 to return to Alturas. Be sure to stop by their Visitor Center and ask about wildlife viewing opportunities.
Dry Creek Basin - For a longer, steeper 26-mile loop through the Dry Creek Basin, follow County Rd. 56, Rd. 58, and then Hwy. 299 to Hwy. 395 back to Alturas, CA.
Ft. Bidwell/Eagleville - Take County Rd. 1 from Fort Bidwell south through Cedarville and Eagleville, the route is flat and scenic. You will ride between the spectacular Warner Mountains, and Upper, Middle and Lower Alkali Lakes.
Information: Modoc National Forest, 530-233-5811.

Location Map: Crystal Springs Park Loop.

6. Crystal Springs Park Loop

From Klamath Falls, OR, S on Hwy. 39 to Short Rd., E 1 mi. to Reeder Rd., S 1.5 mi. to Hill Rd., E.5 mi. to Crystal Springs Park.
This route passes by quiet country homes, interspersed with fields of grain, alfalfa, potatoes and sugar beets. The 17-mile route follows Reeder Rd., Short Rd., Hwy 39, Airway Dr., Homedale Rd., Cross Rd., Dehlinger Ln., Hill Rd. and Crystal Springs Rd. Fighter jets from the nearby Air National Guard base often put on an impressive show in this area.
Information: Discover Klamath, 1-800-445-6728.
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Location Map: Fremont National Forest.

7. Fremont National Forest

Begin and end at various locations on the Fremont National Forest between Valley Falls, Paisley and Lakeview, OR.
This network of Forest Service roads, part of the 1996 Cycle Oregon route, stretches for 89-miles through the Fremont National Forest. Try all or part of this unique route. Forest Service Rd. 33 parallels the Chewaucan River for part of the 26-mile ride. Be aware that there are no stores or other services along this route, except in Valley Falls, Paisley, and Lakeview.
Information: Fremont National Forest,541-947-2151 or Lake County Chamber of Commerce, 541-947-6040.

Location Map: Adel-Plush Loop.

8. Adel-Plush Loop

Go W on Hwy. 140 from Adel, OR, turn N on County Rd. 3-13 to Plush, OR, turn S on County Rd. 3-10 and return to Adel, OR.
This 49-mile loop takes you through two small Lake County towns, agricultural lands, timber lands, high desert, streams, lakes, fault-block escarpments and you pass near Hart Mountain. What more could you want in a bike route?
Information: BLM - Lakeview District, 541-947-2177 or Lake Co. Chamber of Commerce, 541-947-6040.

Location Map: Crater Lake National Park/Diamond Lake.

9. Crater Lake National Park/Diamond Lake

There is a 33-mile loop around Crater Lake, and an 11-mile looparound Diamond Lake.
To get to Crater Lake, from Klamath Falls, OR, go 60-mi. N on Hwy. 97 and 62.
To get to Diamond Lake, 85-mi. N from Klamath Falls, OR, on Hwy.97 and then turn W on Hwy. 138.
This nationally-renowned 33-mile loop around Crater Lake offers challenging hills and a breath taking 7,000-foot average elevation. The ride of a lifetime offers views of the deepest lake in the U.S. and the rugged Cascade Range. Keep an eye out for raptors, including the endangered Peregrine Falcon.
North of the park lies a beautiful 11-mile loop around Diamond Lake. This flat loop offers a leisurely ride around the lake with spectacular mountain views in the back-grounds.
Information: Crater Lake National Park, 541-594-2211 and Diamond Lake Ranger District, 541-498-2531.

Bonus Points

Looking for something more challenging than a ride in the park? Here are a few ideas for more memorable cycling experiences:

Bicycle Road Routes  •  Mountain Biking

Since the earliest days of the "Wild West," Klamath, Lake, Modoc and Siskiyou Country has been worthy of the wildest. Today's residents and visitors of the area, however, find their excitement not in taming the west, but in the great outdoors. And there is no better way to experience the hugeness of nature than from the seat of your mountain bike.

Klamath, Lake, Modoc and Siskiyou Country offers a bounty of trails from the rugged to the groomed. A "rails to trails" program begun in 1992 will eventually convert over one hundred miles of OC&E and Woods Line rails laid in 1917 to woods lines of a different breed. Cyclists enjoy high desert, forest and waterside on these trails and can reach camping sites with adventure.

The citified mountain biker will find extensive opportunities for cycling as well. The Klamath Freewheelers and Klamath Cyclists both are active clubs with regular organized rides. The Klamath Heat is an annual race that draws hundreds of riders from throughout the Northwest and the nation.

In planning your trip, remember that bikes are not permitted within any Federally designated wilderness and on the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail. Please Tread Lightly.

Discover mountain biking in Klamath,Lake, and Modoc Country - and find diversity, challenge and family fun. Read on for details on some of our outstanding trails of the "New Wild West."

Places to Go

Location Map: Fremont Trail Systems.

1. Fremont Trail Systems

Information: Fremont National Forest, 541-947-2151, or Lake County Chamber of Commerce, 541-947-6040.

2. High Lakes Trail

Location Map: High Lakes Trail.

From Klamath Falls, OR, 33 mi.W. on Hwy. 140 to Lake of theWoods.
New trail with compacted gravel surface connects Lake of the Woods and Fish Lake Recreation Areas. The trail crosses recent lava flows from Brown Mountain and offers great views of Mt.McLoughlin. Start from Great Meadow, Brown Mountain Trailhead or one of the campgrounds or picnic sites in the area.
For more info: Klamath RangerDistrict, 541-885-3400.

Location Map: Likely Mountain Challenge.

3. Likely Mountain Challenge

From Likely, CA go 6 mi. S. on Hwy.395, turn W on Likely Mt.Rd (You can ridein on the livestock driveway just west of the road).
The Likely Mountain Challenge has three distinct segments; the uphill ride on the main road; the segment thru a juniper woodland; and ride around a major reservoir. There is a bonus point challenge for a super vista. This last one is for the experienced rider, but the vista is worth it! The basic ride is 12 mi.long; the challenge is 10 mi.
For more info: Bureau of LandManagement, Alturas Resource Area,530-233-4666.

Location Map: Woodland Jurassic Ride.

4. Woodland Jurassic Ride

From Alturas, CA travel 6 mi. SW on County Rd. 54, turn S at major corner and cattle guard.
Enjoy great scenic vistas and old juniper forest along this 8 mi. route. For a bonus go 2 extra miles for a vista of dynamite canyon country.
For more info: Bureau of LandManagement, Alturas Resource Area, 530-233-4666.

Because of the unlimited options, rides 5, 6, and 7 are labeled as Base Camps. From these base camps you can customize your own ride based on ability and interest.

Location Map: Base Camp: Crescent Lake Junction.

5. Base Camp: Crescent Lake Junction

Hwy. 97 N from Chemult, OR, 7 mi. to Hwy. 58, then 15 mi. to Crescent Lake Junction Left on Road 60 around Crescent Lake to Summit, Meek and Windy Lake trails.
For more info: Crescent Ranger District,541-433-2234.

Location Map: Base Camp: Corral Springs Campground.

6. Base Camp: Corral Springs Campground

From Chemult, OR, N. 2 1/4 mi. to Forest Service Rd. 9774 - W 2 mi. to Corral Springs.
For more info: Chemult Ranger District, 541-365-7001.

Location Map: Base Camp: Scott Creek Campground.

7. Base Camp: Scott Creek Campground

47 mi. N of Klamath Falls, OR, Forest Service Rd. 66 W 2 1/2 mi., N1/2 mi. Sun Mtn. Rd., W 2 1/2 mi. to Forest Service Rd. 2310.
For more info: Chemult Ranger District, 541-365-7001.

Location Map: Adel-Plush Loop.

8. Devil's Garden Ride

From Alturas, CA, W on Hwy. 299, 3 mi., right on Crowder Flat Rd. Either park and start or drive up hill.
Take a right on 1st jeep trail, NE 1 mi. to fence line, E 1/2mi. to Box Canyon - take right, S 1 mi. to Crowder Flat Rd.
For more info: Bureau of LandManagement, Alturas ResourceArea, 530-233-4666.

Location Map: Mt. Bailey Trail.

9. Mt. Bailey Trail

Take Hwy. 138 to South Diamond entrance, then take Road 300 to trailhead west of Diamond Lake.
Trail is 5 mi. starting from Road 300, the elevation gain is 3113 ft. The last 1/2 mile is quite steep and rocky. Overviews of Diamond Lake, Mt. Thielsen and surrounding country are breathtaking.
Information: Diamond Lake Ranger District, 541-498-2531.

Bonus Points

The truly adventurous in spirit will appreciate nothing more than a challenging and historically interesting ride along the OC&E or the Woods Line logging railroad beds. Conversion of these abandoned lines into more than 100 miles of trail is currently underway.

A section of the OC&E line was paved in 1997. Pick up this section of trail in Klamath Falls, behind the Jefferson Square Mall on Washburn Way. The four miles out to Hwy. 39 is flat and the ride enjoyable. The remaining 60 miles of trail are still being developed. Information:Collier State Park, 541-783-2471,for the latest trail status.

The Woods Line runs 15 miles north from the SpragueRiver Valley into forested canyons on the FremontNational Forest. Information: Bly Ranger District, 541-353-2427.

Try riding to the top of Pelican Butte. Not for the casual rider! Information: Klamath Ranger District,541-885-3400.

More Opportunities