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Crystal Springs Park Loop

The focal point of this loop is Crystal Springs Park. It sits on Wilson Reservoir just upstream of the Lost River Diversion Dam that allows water to flow into the Lost River Diversion Canal for irrigation and flood control. That canal allows water to be diverted from the Lost River into the Klamath River or vice versa - so you know the terrain is very flat. The second highlight of this trip is Kingsley Field, home to the 173rd Fighter Wing of the Oregon Air National Guard. The mission of the Wing is to train air-to-air combat pilots. It's just to the west of the tour route and the F-15's can be seen flying in the area every day. Typically, the jets will fly out in the morning for training exercises and return in the evening, but they often circle the field as pilots practice takeoffs, landings and various maneuvers. The route circles a rural area of small farms offering a relaxing escape from the city. Along the way, you'll see canals that are a part of the Klamath Project. The project began in 1906 and led to draining this formerly swampy area and controlling water flows to allow for irrigated agriculture.

Crystal Springs Park.
Crystal Springs Park

If you are bicycling from Klamath Falls, the nearest point on this loop is the intersection of Homedale Road and Airway Drive, just south of the Southside Expressway (Hwy 140). The City's bicycle route system connects to Homedale Road which leads you south to the starting point where we'll begin our description. This is on the west side of the loop, so you'll see Kingsley Field just to the west. Airway Drive is a flat section that takes you east from Homedale Road to Hwy 139. It's very quiet and safe, but be alert from the point where Airway Drive connects to Highway 140. At this point you enter a high speed highway and travel east to Highway 139. Traffic is slowing on Highway 140 as it approaches a stop sign at Highway 139. At Highway 139 turn right (south) and travel about a half mile to Short Road. This leg of the journey requires some attention as traffic is moving rapidly, the shoulder is narrow and drivers aren't very aware of bicyclists. There is a left turn lane onto Short Road and the rest of the trip is very quiet.

Wilson Reservoir.
Wilson Reservoir

Short Road is short, but it's name comes from a family that still lives here. The terrain remains flat as you travel east to Reeder Road. Along the way, you'll cross the "C Canal" a portion of the Klamath Project that provides irrigation water to much of the area south of Kingsley Field. If you look north, up the C-Canal, you'll see a facility that was once used to collect algae from the canal waters for use in food supplements. Turn right (south) on Reeder Road, then left (east) on Crystal Springs Road.

Nuss Lake.
Nuss Lake

Proceed east on Crystal Springs Road to Crystal Springs Park. The county park is open year-around and offers a parking area, toilet, picnic table and boat launch. Swimming is at your own risk! There are great views of Stukel Mountain to the south and Olene Gap to the east. Continue east on Crystal Springs Road across the Lost River to Hill Road where you turn right (south). As you travel south and approach Stukel Mountain, you'll start to climb a little. You'll pass scenic Nuss Lake to the left (east) before you take a sharp right turn on Hill Road and continue climbing to the west. To your right (north) you'll get a great overview of Wilson Reservoir and the Lost River Diversion Dam.

Lost River Diversion Dam.
Lost River Diversion Dam

As you head south on Hill Road, you'll enjoy rolling hills at the base of Stukel Mountain and get close looks at the volcanic legacy of the area and some scenic homesteads. You'll be traveling between Stukel Mountain on your left (east) and the Lost River on your right (west). A right turn (west) on Dehlinger Lane takes you downhill, back to the flatlands. Proceed to Highway 39 where you will see Mac's Market just to the north (right). Mac's is a great place to stop for a drink and a snack. Dehlinger Lane ends at Highway 39 and becomes Cross Road on the west side of highway 39. Proceed on Cross Road to Homedale Road where you turn right (north).

Hill Road Homestead.
Hill Road Homestead

As you travel north, you'll get up-close views of aircraft coming into Kingsley Field from the south. You'll also cross the Lost River Diversion Canal and come to Henley Road. It loos like Homedale Road ends here, but turn left onto Henley road and you'll quickly come to a right turn where the road once again becomes Homedale. Follow Homedale north to the starting point.

Hill Road Homestead.
Dehlinger Lane

Mac's Market.
Mac's Market

Lost River Diversion Canal.
Lost River Diversion Canal

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