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Dave Menke.
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The counties of Interior Northern California and South-Central Oregon offer unmatched outdoor adventure and recreation in an area three times the size of Massachusetts. Highlights are Crater Lake National Park (the deepest lake in the U.S.), Lassen Volcanic National Park (Lassen Peak is one of the largest lava domes in the world), Lava Beds National Monument and our many National Wildlife Refuges. The parks are joined by the Volcanic Legacy All American Road. The Oregon Outback National Scenic Byway traverses much of the rest of the area offering you wide open spaces that allow you to see forever. The Emigrant Trails Scenic Byway provides insight into the bygone days with still-visable wheel ruts left by covered wagons as they made their way into California and Oregon. The Klamath Basin Birding Trail and the Basin and Range Birding Trail will take you to the birds and wildlife.

Experience our rich Native American History and culture. Visit and hike our wilderness areas, hundreds of lakes and rivers, Abert Rim (the longest exposed fault scarp in North America - 2,500 feet high, 30 miles long!), magnificent high desert, Mt. Shasta (the most voluminous stratovolcano in the Cascade Volcanic Arc and one of the seven sacred mountains of the world), Lava Beds National Monument (more than 700 caves and the site of the Modoc War), the Medicine Lake shield volcano (the largest volcano in the Cascades) and much more!

Discover birding! The Pacific Flyway brings millions of birds through our area in the spring and fall. You'll also find the largest winter gathering of bald eagles in the lower 48 states, spectacular white pelicans, Clark's grebes and hundreds of other species year around. We offer several ways to connect you to the birds of our area.

Explore the world in your backyard. Settlers were once drawn to Klamath County to enjoy America's Switzerland. The terrain of the Scott River Valley in Siskiyou County has also been likened to Switzerland. Lake County offers the solitude of America's Outback and terrain that duplicates Africa's Rift Valley. The real Wild West can be found in Modoc County, where the west still lives and cattle drives on roadways are commonplace.

Follow in the footsteps of history. Discover John C. Fremont's expedition of 1845, the 1846 Applegate Trail, the Lassen Immigrant Trail of 1848, Fort Klamath, the 1872-73 Modoc War, the WW-II Tulelake Segregation Center, CCC projects and much more.

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